Security Analysis 2021

Since the beginning, FIREBASE ELITE PROTECTION LLC has only had one concept in mind. How to provide the best quality and most cost-effective security service to its clients. With that in mind, understand we do not live in a perfect world and in our city, it is changing drastically. Some of these changes are good and some are bad. The homeless population is increasing daily and with no end in sight the services CAM, CUB, CORAZONE, FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SAMMINISTRIES and many other organizations are doing everything they can to keep up. These increases of new clients require not only more donations from the public for the organizations listed above but also require a special skillset from a security company that is specialized in De-Escalation and many other verbal tactics that many other companies do not have. Firebase Elite Protection LLC has gone above and beyond to fill that gap and continues to hold the line where others have failed time and time again. Here at Firebase Elite Protection, we don't just place any officer at a client's site without doing our background investigation to ensure that each officer is a good fit for our client needs and safety requirements.

Where we stand currently:

Our company currently holds 6 contracts within the greater downtown area. The request for security has never been more in demand than it is today. Police departments are short quality officers across the state. While police departments ramp up their efforts, more and more individuals are going in the direction of security. You may be wondering why, well here are a few examples.

  • Off-Duty Police: Cost anywhere from $45-$65 per hour. While they are trained well, they are structured to enforce the law and will arrest those who violate the law, which can then leave your site unprotected if that officer is required to transport the violator to jail. They usually will not get involved in any situation that is not a felony within their view. They are always acting on authority of their department, county, and state. They cannot violate anyone's 4th amendment right without probable cause.
  • Security Professionals: Cost anywhere from $10-$100 per hour. They are regulated by the Department of Public Safety and go through required license renewal and many other certification renewals every 2 years sometimes more. Have more authority on private property and can be more lenient to violators on punishments. Will always try to de-escalate any situation before having to use the force continuum. Work on behalf of the property owner and can enforce the same laws and rules that police can, but with more power. We can search personal property, especially if it is requested by the client.
  • Downtown San Antonio Crime: As of September of 2020. The total crime is 60% higher than the national average; Violent Crime is 48% higher than the national average; Property Crime is 62% higher than the national average. This year so far there have been 74 recorded homicides with the first 6 months of 2021 as reported by SAPD.


What makes us stand out from the competition of other security companies you may ask. Our owner Mark Crosson. Mark believes in the ability to adapt and overcome any situation we may encounter daily. As a veteran owned business Mark believes the experience his officers bring to the table is far more than what the competition offers. All our officers experience comes from either military training and tactics, law enforcement training and tactics, department of corrections training and tactics, and executive protection training and tactics just to name a few. The officers who have the honor to wear the Firebase badge not only go through an extensive hiring process but also required training for the rest of their time with Firebase Elite Protection. Our officers receive training from qualified instructors to ensure they are receiving the most effective and up to date tactics to handle our clients' needs day in and day out.

  • Dispatch: As we complete the final stages of getting settled into our officer located at Grace Lutheran, we now have a mobile dispatch command center. The mobile dispatch command center will act as the in main line between our clients and our officers in the field. Since our officers aren't usually stationary in one spot you may not have time to find out where there are on your property, all you must do is call (216-309-1003). Give of brief description of who you are and what's going on, and where our officer needs to report to. We will create dispatch cards for our clients, so they know exactly where to call and what to say when our dispatcher answers.
  • Special Events: Did you know we can also do special events? That's right, from weddings to town hall meetings. Firebase Elite Protection offers more than the average security company.
  • Communication: All our officers are equipped with state-of-the-art radios that will perform in all
  • types of weather conditions.
  • Uniqueness: Since the launch of our Bike Patrol, we have increased our efforts and shown San Antonio just a glimpse of where Firebase Elite Protection is heading. The bike patrol officers a crucial asset to our current operations, and we look forward to expanding the bike patrol soon. The response to assist other officers on sites where assistance is needed, and local police can't respond fast enough which is crucial and has been proven successful time and time again.